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About RPY

Who is RPY and why do we do teach family yoga

Professional Childrens Meditation Teacher

Becoming a professional Childrens meditation teacher is very important to me because I want to help kids find peace within themselves, this can particularly help with children with additional needs but all children and teenagers need coping mechanisms to help them deal with feelings, emotions and life to help them cope with things in a positive way. The beauty of becoming a meditation teacher for kids is I’ve found out that actually children are our teachers and I need to be grounded and open for them to receive the benefits of the meditation.

"Highly recommend this, my daughter age 10 has started going and she loves it x"

"For anyone thinking of sending their wee one, I can't recommend enough! My daughter has been loving the classes and Gill has made her feel so welcome. xx"

"Always Love. Anything for the best Yoga Teacher in the world." - Oscar, age 5