Our Adventure

My name is Gill Park and I started Rainbow Park Yoga in early 2020. I started yoga after having my son in 2012 because I had back pain, since then I fell in love with the practise and continued practising myself since. After completing my training as a Rainbow kids and families yoga teacher my outlook on life completely changed and I knew I wanted to change my 20 year career in finance to bring children and families yoga to as many people as I could to bring fun and to help make the world a better place.

We live in such a technology driven world these days that I have made it my mission to connect more kids to each other and to help families dedicate more time to each other away from devices. Following the pandemic in which I have had to cancel my local classes I feel it’s even more important to nurture the well being of our kids and allow them the time to play, connect and have fun.

If I can help even one child by giving them the abilities to disconnect from technology and breathe then I will have achieved what I set out to do.

Yoga is simply great for you no matter what age you are!

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Why Rainbow Park Yoga

What makes Rainbow Park Yoga different is that it is fun, we work together, we don’t compete against each other, Yoga means union and that is what we do, we unite to have fun, we discuss topics that are important in our time like our planet, kindness, emotions, resilience and happiness.

Our Yoga is done in a circle where we create our classes together, we connect with each other, we build human pyramids, we include everyone, we play yoga games ,we stretch our bodies and we relax together.

The classes for younger kids are often based on a yoga adventure like travelling to Hawaii or the jungle, for older kids our classes may have a meaningful theme like kindness and a lot of the time I will build a class plan on what the children ask for like, Harry Potter, dancing or even anti bullying. For the very little kids we may do an animal adventure or a seaside adventure but mainly we will have fun and embrace the chaos allowing you to take the time to enjoy some fun and laughter with your little one.

My mission in life is to provide kids with fun, happiness, coping mechanisms, to learn to love themselves, others and the world around them.

Coming soon...

I am currently in the assessment stage of becoming a Professional Childrens Meditation Teacher through the “Connected Kids” programme.

Meditation allows children to deal with the stresses of life and big emotions that may present themselves. These emotions are part of life and we should not feel they are shameful, I aim to provide kids with the tools to express but also manage these emotions.

This is something that has helped me greatly in my journey of becoming a mindful parent myself as well as in the future being able to assist others in their mindful parenting journey.

I have studied how to work with kids with unique needs of all varieties and welcome Children with these additional needs to all of my classes.

The mind and body work together, it’s important to recognise this and to teach our children about it.

I am almost finished my Level 2 Rainbow kids Yoga training and can provide Chair Yoga, Bed Yoga and provide a safe space for children who are feeling a little overwhelmed in my classes.



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