Hi Kids

I’m Meddy teddy and I love to do yoga, meditate and be mindful because it helps me relax, have fun and be kind. I’d love it if you would practise some Yoga with me , these will be some of the yoga poses you will learn at Rainbow Park Yoga.


(Vrikshasana) Tree pose is great fun to do , it helps me balance but sometimes I sway and fall out of it but that’s ok, Gill tells me tree’s sway in the wind.


(Tadasana) Mountain pose makes me feel strong and safe I stand as tall as I can and I feel powerful.


(Padmasana) Lotus pose makes me feel Zen and I like sitting with my legs in a basket, it helps me to sit up straight and prepare for quiet time and meditation in classes.

Downward Dog

I like doing downward dog because I can look through my feet and see my friends upside down, that’s really funny and it makes me smile, I can shake my tail and act like a dog when I do this and it can be fun to let out a bark.

Upward Dog

Upward dog helps me lift my heart up to the sky and makes me feel happy, I like it because it stretches my back especially if I have been having some time on electronics.

Happy Baby

Happy baby pose is fun because it makes my back feel like it’s getting a little massage, I can roll from side to side like a baby and it tickles my tummy.



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